Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Questions that should be answered...

Chad Butler

Do you ever wear jeans?
I used to, but i dont like skating in them that much, they are kinda restricting when i skate, im more into a cord or chino pant.

What's your favorite movie?
basically anything will ferrell is in, old school has always been a favorite of mine.

What are you most likely doing when you are not skating?
Listening to music and hanging out in lakewood at my house, i live with 5 other people so theres always something to do.

7 hour car ride. Whats the first trick you do outta the car?
Hm, tre flip

If you had $100 in your pocket what would you spend it on?
I'ld probably fill up my gas tank and take a trip somewhere, or spend it on clothes...haha.

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